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Back to School With Healthy Eating

by Tandis Bishop

With summer behind us, and the new school year underway, many of us return to the drudge of early morning commutes and late night study sessions. We do this because we value education, for ourselves and for our children. As our days get busier, however, it’s easy to forget the value of eating healthy. This is particularly important for children. A low-fat, plant-based diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes as well as dairy products is a healthy option for growing children.

Summer Health Basics

by Caitlin Rose

Here in Hawai’i, the sun is a constant companion. But during summer months, when the sun is at its height, it’s good to brush up on strategies to protect yourself and respect the power of the sun. Using sunscreen, drinking water and staying in the shade are some of the basics, but did you know that what you eat can also help protect against sun damage? We’ve put together some tips to help keep you safe, healthy and happy all summer long! Sunscreen Essentials

Organic Food is Family Food

by Caitlin Rose

Organic food's image during the past century has undergone numerous makeovers in the public eye. What started as hippie food and became gourmet food is now returning to its roots as family food. In fact, a new study by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) shows that 8 in 10 parents choose organic foods for their children!1

Make This Earth Day Organic and Natural

by Caitlin Rose

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd and we invite you to help us celebrate by making a commitment to eat only organic and natural food on that day. Eating organic and natural food is the best way to promote sustainability. Since we spend so much of our time and energy each day buying, preparing and consuming food, even small changes we make to our diet have a powerful ripple effect on our health and the health of the planet.

Local, Fresh, Organic & Natural: Four Guiding Principles for Healthy Food

by Caitlin Rose

At Down to Earth, our first priority is to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of our customers and our environment. To help us do this, our decisions for selecting the items we carry in our stores are guided by four key principles: local, fresh, organic, and natural. These guidelines for healthy food help us to contribute to your improved health as well as the health and wellbeing of Hawaii’s soil, air, and water. They also help us support our most precious local resource: farmers.

Eating Right, Your Way, Every Day

by Caitlin Rose

March is National Nutrition Month and this year the focus is on “eating right, every day, your way.” Often, when we make a resolution to be healthier, we mostly think about eating differently. However, changing our habits is hard and avoiding the foods we like is usually a failing strategy. This year, instead of focusing on all the things you need to stop eating, try getting creative with the dishes you already love. Taking baby steps towards a health plan that acknowledges your unique lifestyle and heritage is the best way to ensure you keep eating right, your way, every day.

Lower Heart Disease Risk with Simple Changes

by Caitlin Rose

Welcome to American Heart Month this February! With the holiday feasts behind us, and perhaps a resolution or two underway, now is the perfect time to focus on heart health. As the novelty of a new year fades, and the rainy season sets in, many of us need a little added encouragement to stay healthy and well. Focusing on the health of our hearts is a great way to keep our other health goals on track, since cardiovascular health is supported by so many other factors, including regular exercise and a low-fat, plant-based diet.

Want to Lose Weight this New Year? Make a Plan, Not Just a Resolution

by Tandis Bishop

With Christmas right around the corner and the New Year quickly approaching, it's a good time to plan ahead and start thinking about your healthy New Year's resolution. If you already know your New Year’s resolution will involve losing weight, you’re not alone. A recent study found that losing weight is the #1 New Year’s resolution in America.1


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