Shop “Sustainability” with HowGood Price Tags

by Down to Earth

Our new “HowGood” product price tag system provides an easy way for you to see whether a product is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. The HowGood system condenses extensive research into a simple rating that is part of the information on the product shelf tag. It will show “how good” the product rates for the environment, society, and the world: Good (better than 75% of all food produced in the U.S.), Great (better than 85%), and Best (Better than 95%)!

This Earth Day Look for Our New HowGood “Sustainability” Price Tags

This Earth Day, Down to Earth will begin installing its new “HowGood” product price tag system in all our stores.  It provides an easy way for you to see whether a product is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.  You’ll be able to make a quick, informed buying decision right in the grocery aisle!

How I ... Launched an online shopping component for my business

Pacific Business News

by Staff Pacific Business News

Mark Fergusson says creating an e-store for his bricks-and-mortar business was not as easy as initially imagined. He eventually decided on two platforms and reports that the Amazon-branded platform generates more sales but also carries higher fees.

By Mark Fergusson, CEO and CFO of Down to Earth, describing the lessons learned from adding online sales to a bricks-and-mortar business.

We’ve had a website forever. I shouldn’t say forever, but for at least 15 years, we’ve had some sort of website. We did just relaunch the website in the last few months, actually.

Down to Earth Organic & Natural Opens e-Store

New Hope 360

by Natural Foods Merchandiser

The company's new e-store will initially feature more than 100 items including local Hawaii products such as local coffee, honey, cosmetics, and Noni and Spirulina products; cosmetics sunscreen, facial care, oils and massage lotions, Down to Earth private label and branded products, as well as vegetarian supplements including vitamins, protein powders, heart and bone health aids, antioxidants, cold and flu herbal remedies, and much more. The site can be accessed at

Hawaii Retailer Down to Earth Opening Online Store

Star Advertiser

by Kristen Consillio

Hawaii retailer Down to Earth is opening an online store Friday that will offer more than 100 local products.

The company said today it will sell private-label items and locally made coffee, honey, cosmetics, and Noni and Spirulina products, as well as vegetarian supplements.

The virtual store at has been designed on an platform so customers can use their accounts when purchasing products.

Down To Earth Starting Its Own Night Market


by MidWeek Staff

Down to Earth will launch a series of monthly night markets next Tuesday at its Kailua store, offering a dozen vendors, a cooking class and live entertainment.

The new venture will run from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Dec. 17 at 201 Hamakua Drive (across from Safeway) with sales inside as well as outside the organic/vegetarian market. Down to Earth’s chef Mama T will conduct a holiday cooking class early – from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., and live, healthy music will come from Paul Izak and Tubby Love.