Introducing The New & Improved Kailua Down to Earth!

by Alison Riggs

More than forty years ago Down to Earth Organic & Natural opened its first humble store in Wailuku, Maui. Over the decades Down to Earth has changed, grown, and moved to fill the demands of the people of Hawaii who want local, fresh, organic, vegetarian, and natural foods and products. 

Down to Earth moved it's Kailua store from its former 6,000 square foot Kailua store on Hamakua Dr. into a 15,000 square foot space that has been re-developed by Alexander & Baldwin Inc., as part of the new “Lau Hala Shops” located at 573 Kailua Road.

Thank you, Mom!

by Alison Riggs

Mothers deserve a huge and heartfelt thank you for their selfless love, hard work, and guidance, and all the under-appreciated and unseen sacrifices that come along with motherhood. Even if it is a small gesture, take the time to let your mother--and the other women in your life--know that you appreciate them this month. This article is to acknowledge all they do and suggest a few ideas to help women guard their health.

A Plant-Based Diet is Best for a Healthy Heart

What diet helps support a lifetime of good health and provides protection against numerous diseases, including our country’s three biggest killers: heart disease, cancer, and strokes? Leading health experts agree that eating a diet high in plant foods is the best way to nourish ourselves and our families. A plant-based diet is rich in foods from plant sources such as whole grains, beans, lentils and other legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It does not include animal products such as meats, poultry, seafood, eggs, and sometimes dairy. 

A Few of Your Favorite Things in 2018 and the Growth of the Plant-Based Trend

Happy New Year! Our Down to Earth team wishes you greater happiness and wonderful health in 2019.

Looking back at 2018 and what our customers’ favorite things were, we found that Down to Earth’s best sellers were CBD tea, CBD honey, CBD chocolates, CBD gummies, (and more…you get the idea), fermented foods, cultured coconut yogurt, mushroom coffee and drinks, and artisan ghee. It will be exciting to see what trends emerge this year. The best news is that the interest in plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan diets has seen enormous growth.

Pearlridge Down to Earth Store Relocation Grand Opening

Over 40 years ago, Down to Earth opened its first store in Wailuku, Maui. The motivation behind the store was a simple desire of a group of friends to help improve the health of Hawaii’s residents by making available organic and natural products at affordable prices. Our Honolulu location opened shortly after that. In 2000, Down to Earth opened a modest store at Pearlridge West. While only a cozy 4,000 square foot location, it had everything customers needed.