Focusing on Climate Change & Sustainability at Down to Earth

by Mark Fergusson, Down to Earth CEO

Our rapidly changing climate and increased environmental destruction worldwide are a great concern for us at Down to Earth. We often tell our customers about the surprisingly significant impact of what you choose to eat on reducing climate change and helping our environment: eating a vegetarian diet is one of the best things you can do to prevent further climate change.

Have Yourself a Kinder Little Christmas & Healthier New Year

by Alison Riggs

The health, political and environmental turmoil, economic instability, and information overload of the year has many people suffering from anxiety and stress. It is helpful to pause at this time of year to think about how you want to enter this Christmas season and start the new year off with a healthier mindset. What positive experiences do you want for yourself, your loved ones, and for others around the world, and what can you do to make that happen?

Simple Sustainable Swaps

by Alison Riggs

Climate change and plastic pollution are catastrophic problems that seem overwhelming. Can ordinary people actually do anything to make a significant impact? Yes! There are simple sustainable swaps that really make a difference in our environmental and future well-being.

Our Down to Earth Organic & Natural stores are focusing on sustainability, especially this November, to provide information and inspiration—all of us can make a difference with easy shifts in our daily lives. Join us in making real change and a real positive impact, one simple sustainable swap at a time:

What is Non-GMO Month?

by Alison Riggs

October is Non-GMO Month and all of our Down to Earth stores are celebrating with special products that are highlighted on our shelves, lots of helpful information for our customers, and two film screenings of the documentary “Secret Ingredients” (more on this important film later in this article).

Here’s a brief lesson on GMOs:

It’s VegFest Time!

by Alison Riggs

Celebrate the 4th Annual VegFest O’ahu with Down to Earth on September 21st, 11:30-5:00pm at the Frank Fasi Grounds in Honolulu (next to Honolulu Hale). This event is the highlight of the year for vegans, vegetarians, vegetable lovers, and the plant-based diet curious. No matter what kind of food you like to eat, you should experience VegFest O’ahu—and bring your kids!

Introducing The New & Improved Kailua Down to Earth!

by Alison Riggs

More than forty years ago Down to Earth Organic & Natural opened its first humble store in Wailuku, Maui. Over the decades Down to Earth has changed, grown, and moved to fill the demands of the people of Hawaii who want local, fresh, organic, vegetarian, and natural foods and products. 

Down to Earth moved it's Kailua store from its former 6,000 square foot Kailua store on Hamakua Dr. into a 15,000 square foot space that has been re-developed by Alexander & Baldwin Inc., as part of the new “Lau Hala Shops” located at 573 Kailua Road.