More about brutal peacock bashing – “is it ok to kill innocent animals in any circumstance?”

Another letter to the editor about the vicious peacock bashing attributes the outcry to the “barbaric behavior” and the “viciousness” of the attack, but then paradoxically says it is ok to “go hunting legitimately with the right gun”. In other words it is ok to kill innocent animals so long as it is done quickly with the minimum amount of pain to the animal. And of course, we agree, if you are going to kill an innocent animal please do it as quickly and painlessly as possible, as causing the poor creature unnecessary pain and suffering is abominable and the result of hard heartedness.

However, the question that should be asked is “is it ok to kill innocent animals in any circumstance when it is not a matter of survival?”

According to many of the world’s religious texts, including the Bible, there is a law of karma, or action and reaction, “as you sow, so shall you reap”. If you cause pain to a living being, then in the future you will experience that pain back. If only for selfish reasons, we should think twice before causing pain to others.