Photo: People in a Yoga Class

My family knew I was that boy from a very young age. Jumping from couch to couch. Digging in the dirt. Running around the yard with our dogs. I was that boy who just could not stay still! I loved the feeling of roaming free in the great outdoors. In fact, I still do!

My 2016 New Year’s Resolution is to run the Honolulu Marathon. That’s right…run. What was I thinking?! I’ve never run for sport in my life! It wasn’t long before I felt the early effects of running. I felt achy all over, but especially in my knees. What is an aspiring runner to do? In comes yoga.

I do yoga every day. In the Marketing Department, we do daily morning yoga stretches as a team to help us stay flexible and pain-free throughout the day. I find that I feel more awake and ready to get to work. It helps me to feel more centered throughout the day. Even doing a few quick yoga poses during the day helps to manage stress.

Yoga has helped me tremendously in my marathon training. If I feel pain in my knees, I do several stretches to help release some tension. My yoga instructor says it at every class: Listen to your body. When a certain pose feels good and alleviates pain in the long-run, something must be working. If it hurts too much, stop. Yoga has helped me to be kinder to my body, to be more mindful not to overdo things. If I feel too achy or exhausted to go for a six-mile run, just take it easy and walk. It’s okay to get into Child’s Pose when you’re too exhausted to join the class in their headstand. Listen to your body.

Breathing is another aspect of yoga that has really helped me in my training. It seems so simple. Breathe, Jordan! Breathe! But when you’re going for that inversion at the end of a long steamy yoga class, sometimes you forget to breathe. It’s important to breathe deep, controlled breaths in yoga. It helps you to concentrate and come back to your center. Breathing deep yoga breaths during my runs have helped me to complete long-distance runs without getting distracted or discouraged. I found that a deep three second inhale and exhale breath cycle works for me. It also helps me to enjoy the present moment. Breathe in, enjoy the bright sun…breathe out, enjoy the cool wind...

Whether it’s to help you become more flexible, to strengthen and tone muscles, or help you to feel centered, everyone can benefit from yoga. There are many yoga studios in Hawai’i to try out. Some are donation based and some have class fees. Bring a friend with you and have fun! There are also many free yoga videos online to practice yoga from the comfort of your home! With International Yoga Day coming up on June 21st, there will be many opportunities to embrace and celebrate yoga this month. I’ll continue incorporating yoga into my life, even after the Marathon.

Yoga has proven to be instrumental in my pain management as I continue on my path to the 2016 Honolulu Marathon. It’s helped to prevent and alleviate pain before a major injury happens. Yes, I am still that boisterous little boy on the inside. But yoga has reminded me of the importance to look deep within. Listen to your body. Breathe. It calls me back to the stillness within despite all the movement around me. Yoga is a truly beautiful practice that I recommend as a part of everyone’s fitness journey.