Avocado app logo

You can also use their free app - Download throught the Apple App Store or in the Android Google Play Store. Search under "Avocado Shopping".

  1. Enter Zip Code.
  2. Select Down to Earth.
  3. Create login.
  4. Begin shopping!

Generally, Avocado Shoppers can deliver within these radius of our Oahu stores. Unfortunately Avocado Shopping isn't available for our Maui store yet. 

  • Honolulu Store: 5 mile radius 
  • Kakaako Store: 5 Mile radius
  • Kailua Store:Not available at this time
  • Pearlridge: Not available at this time
  • Kapolei: 7 mile radius

For more info visit Avocado's website

Get started with grocery deliveries today! Select items from any of Down to Earth’s departments including Fresh Produce, Chill and Frozen Foods, Grocery items, Wellness Supplements and Vitamins, Natural Living Face and Body Care, and much more. Now you can shop for your Down to Earth essentials whenever and wherever. You can select to have your groceries delivered as soon as possible – typically within 2 hours – or you can schedule a date and time for delivery.

Down to Earth has recently partnered with Avocado Shopping, a third-party grocery delivery app that is now in Honolulu. Avocado started in California and delivers from a wide variety of grocery stores there. Using the free Avocado app, you can shop for your Down to Earth groceries when and where it is convenient for you. Trained Avocado shoppers will get a notification when you’ve completed your order and selected your delivery address. These personal shoppers will head over to the closest Down to Earth and will begin shopping on your behalf. Avocado Shoppers will handpick everything on your list including fresh produce items. When you select your produce items, you can even leave a note for your Avocado shopper explaining what your preferred ripeness is.