Senior Delivery Services Available

Photo: Senior couple sitting

If you are a senior or someone who is high-risk to COVID-19 and need assistance with getting your groceries delivered, there are two fantastic services, Kupuna Kokua  (for King St. and Kakaako only at this time) and Help Is On The Way, that can help. You can also make these arrangements for others that you know who may qualify for these services. The best part is that both services are free! Getting the delivery set up is tricky so please review these instructions carefully.

How it Works:

1. Eligible customers must first place their grocery order directly with Down to Earth. Delivery can take anywhere between a few hours to a couple of days depending on how busy the services are.

2. Orders can be made over the phone or online through the Down to Earth Personal Shopper Form at

Store Phone #
Kahului  (808) 877 2661
Honolulu/King Street (808) 947 7678
Kakaako (808) 465 2512
Kailua (808) 262 3838
Pearlridge (808) 488 1375
Kapolei (808) 675 2300

3. A Down to Earth team member will call if they have any questions about your order.

4. When the order is ready, a team member will call to let you know and to process payment over the phone. Payment must be completed before requesting delivery services.

5. If you are planning on having a delivery service pick up your order, please let the team member know.

6. You can then place an online request with either service. Requests can only be made online. Information about both services can be found below. Delivery requests are typically answered between 2 – 24 hours.

If you need help requesting a delivery service, please let our team know and we’ll be happy to help! They will collect your information and place your request. They will most likely place requests with both services to see who will respond faster. The service will then call you to confirm when they can pick up and delivery your order.

If you don’t know anyone who needs assistance, you can still help by donating to or volunteering for these amazing services. Please see their information below.  

Kupuna Kokua (for King St. and Kakaako only at this time)

Delivery Requests: or 808-953-7621

  • Requires at least 2 hours notice for desired pickup
  • Information from Kupuna Kokua’s website:
  • Place an order with an establishment and pre-pay in advance. *For everyone’s safety we do not provide any payment services/exchanges at this time, therefore businesses that do not accept payments online/digitally/over the phone are ineligible for our service.
  • Submit the info in the form linked above, or call, and wait for a confirmation.
  • Any orders made before noon each day go out that day. Kupuna Kokua volunteers will come and pick up the orders early afternoon.
  • Any order made after noon (the cutoff time) will be delivered the following day. If Kupuna Kokua sees a large amount of orders come in after 12pm, Kupuna Kokua volunteers may deliver same day based on how many drivers are available. If Kupuna Kokua chooses to deliver same day after the cutoff period, Kupuna Kokua will contact the customer directly and let them know.
  • We provide non-contact delivery and will contact you when your items are delivered. Only in extreme and rare circumstances will you need to be in the presence of a volunteer. In that case, we will strictly follow social distancing standards and maintain a minimum of 6 ft distance at all times. Our volunteers are taught to use the latest safety guidelines provided by the CDC.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any pickup for the safety of all parties involved. For this reason, we will not accept any pickups from a residential location.

Help is on the Way

  • Submit Delivery Requests to
  • Information from Help Is On The Way’s website:
  • PLEASE NOTE: All delivery requests will be reviewed by a staff member and either approved or denied. Not all requests will be approved, and requests may be not reviewed for up to 24 hours.