Vegetarian Solution - Part 3

by Michael Bond

Sustainability is more than a trendy buzzword, it is a common sense guide to how we can live in harmony with the environment and our fellow citizens of planet Earth. There is a saying, “The Earth is able to provide for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed.” An example of this is the typical American meat-based diet, which is becoming increasing popular around the world.

Vegetarian Solution - Part 1

by Michael Bond

The choice to become a vegetarian is one of the most positive, far-reaching decisions you can make to impact your personal health and the health of the environment. The reasons to choose a vegetarian lifestyle are as diverse as they are compelling. The arguments against being a vegetarian are, for the most part, based on myths, tradition (i.e. because people were raised a certain way), and the economic and political interests of those who profit from the sales of meat.

The "True" Inconvenient Truth

by Frank Santana

The quickest and most effective way to reduce global warming will come through diet change, according to a letter that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent to Al Gore. PETA wrote that his film, An Inconvenient Truth “...failed to address the fact that the meat industry is the largest contributor to greenhouse-gas emissions.” Their argument has teeth.

Celebrate Earth Day - Veggie Style

by Tracy Rohland

With more than 6 billion people living on planet earth using her water, her oil, her plants and her air, she is very overwhelmed. She is desperately hoping that we, the people who traverse her soil on a daily basis, will be more courteous and careful.

April 22 is Earth Day, a perfect opportunity to salute Mother Earth and remember how vital it is that we take care of her.

Celebrate Earth Day… Every Day!

by Michele McKay

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970 and over the past 40 years it has grown into a worldwide observance. Earth Day provides an annual opportunity to celebrate our planet and renew our commitment to building a healthier and cleaner world… but we don’t need to limit our commitment to one day out of 365! Good environmental citizenship can easily be a year-round practice of eco-friendly living.

A Simple Resolution

by Michele McKay

This New Year comes with a bonus: a new decade! Even if you aren’t the type that goes for resolutions, you can use the occasion to get behind something simple… like freeing the world of pollution, poverty, and environmental destruction. “What?” you might be thinking, “That’s not a simple resolution – it’s an impossibly colossal undertaking!” But consider this: Every time you make a purchase, you are influencing the design of our world; your choices are the equivalent of voting with your dollars for the global model you would like to help create.

Greening Your Holidays through Compassion

by Michele McKay

The holiday season is all about goodwill – expressing love with gifts, enjoying special time with family and community, demonstrating caring toward others. In a word, it’s about compassion. And what better way to turn compassion into practice than with the kindness of cruelty-free vegetarian holiday meals? Your goodwill in choosing vegetarian fare will bring you a ‘green’ bonus: the compassion you show for other living beings will extend directly into compassionate action and benefit to the Earth!