My senior project has come to a close and I just want to thank you for agreeing to be my mentor my school project. I appreciate you welcoming me to your cooking classes. They’ve made me realize how easily I can incorporate some healthy meals into my diet. Before starting this project I put little to no thought into what I was eating, but at the conclusion of it, it had opened my eyes into how bad my diet was. I may not convert into the organic lifestyle but I have definitely made a conscious effort into eating more healthy meals.

Thank you for being so kind and willing to spend your time with me for whatever I may need. Your small introduction at the beginning of the classes of why you’ve started to cook organically encouraged me to inform my family and friends of the benefits of organic foods, which I hoped that they would also incorporate in their diets. When Thanksgiving came around the corner I saw they they’ve actually listened to me as there were more healthy choices to eat than last year.

Your enthusiasm for anything organic has encouraged me to more creative when it comes to adding fruits and vegetable in my meals. Thank you again for playing a part in senior project! ~ Rhea Y.

[Letter written to our outreach coordinator in Maui, Rachel Davies.]