URGENT! Tell the USDA you don't want GMO's by Feb. 16

Tell the USDA that you care about GMO contamination of organic food. The USDA believes that there is “no consumer evidence” that we care about genetically engineered food intermixing and contaminating organic food. They are about to deregulate GE alfalfa without any limitations or protections for farmers or the environment. This, despite the recent report by Nielsen, Co. that 'GMO-free' is the fastest-growing health and wellness claim among store brands, with sales of these items up 67 percent in 2009 to $60.2 million. [2] As usual, the USDA ignores these statistics.

Reply to a vegan

I received an email from a reader of our e-newsletter who expressed concerns about the way cows are treated by the dairy industry. This was in response to my CVO column about Hawaii's Fresh milk which we are selling. I thought I would share my response with my blog readers.


Thank you for taking the time to express your feelings concerning the way the cows are treated by the dairy industry, including Island Dairy.

Announcing Down to Earth's New Vegetarian Bookclub!

Hi everybody! This post is the start of an ongoing review of books about vegetarianism, animal rights and ecology. I’ll choose one book and post about it as I read – keeping a slow pace so we can really get at the heart of the issues raised. These books can be supportive or critical of vegetarianism, classics in the field or new revelations, scientific analysis or personal experience. I am eager to hear your suggestions, and I hope you will read along with me, and add your thoughts to the conversation.

What's wrong with eating animals?

This is the first in a series of weekly posts dedicated to our book club selections. Tune in every Tuesday to discuss the pressing issues raised by these authoritative and popular authors. Whether you have the time to read along with me or not, I'd love to hear your two cents. To pick up your copy of "Eating Animals" at amazon.com, follow the link at the end of the post.

Respectful dialogue and education vs. forcing views on others

It feels like we have lost the ability to respectfully disagree. This is occurring on the national and state level as evidenced by the increasingly partisan positions that our political leaders are taking, whether it be in the school furlough negotiations, or in the national health care debate. Even in debates where the people involved are actually close in their outlook and aims, often vitriol and bitter words are reserved for those who have the same general aims and outlook, but who differ in some of their views.