Photo: Down to Earth Bulk Section

At Down to Earth, Earth Day is one of our favorite days of the year. We love promoting sustainable practices to help keep our Earth healthy! On our website, we have articles on the many reasons to go vegetarian, one of those being for the sake of the environment. One article brings up that vegetarian and vegan diets use significantly lower amounts of Earth’s resources. If you are already vegetarian, or maybe not quite ready to make the leap, there are many other practices you can implement to lower your environmental impact.  

Perhaps one of the easiest changes you can make: shopping in bulk! Yes, it really is that easy to make a difference. As Earth’s population grows, we are producing more trash than ever. Most of the foods we purchase come prepackaged, creating more trash. By shopping smart, and purchasing items without packaging, you can greatly reduce the amount of trash you produce. Did you know that you can bring your own reusable containers to buy things from our bulk section? Just give them to a cashier to weigh before you start shopping. By doing this you can help reduce the amount of trash pilling up on the Earth, and you may even save money!