Plant-based eating style is a lifestyle change that many people are currently considering, however, this doesn’t mean that everyone has all the facts. Looking for the best and most educational vegetarian flicks out there? Look no further.

If you don’t want to jump into the deep with extreme and brutal films about the meat industry, there are many other types of documentaries available that cover topics from health, to environment, to animal advocacy. We compiled this list of the top 5 groundbreaking vegetarian documentaries that will give you all the facts you need on the subject and make you think deeply about the choices you make every day.

Forks and Knives Movie Poster: A Film that can Save Your Life
  1. Forks Over Knives – If you’re relatively new to living plant-based and want to learn the basics of the health benefits of this lifestyle, Forks Over Knives is a great pick. This 2011 documentary talks specifically about plant-based nutrition and makes the argument that a plant-based diet is the solution to reducing risk and even reversing most chronic diseases.
  2. Meat the Truth – This documentary covers connections between livestock production and climate change. It shows that small dietary changes will lead to big results, contrary to the popular belief that a single person’s food choices don’t have much of an impact.
  3. The Game Changers – Those with an interest in both vegetarianism and athleticism will find plenty to love in The Game Changers. This documentary aims to inspire people by showing the power of a plant-based diet in elite athletes, soldiers, visionary scientists, and cultural icons.
  4. Vegucated – If I had to pick one movie from this list to show my family and friends, Vegucated would be it! Through the eyes of three skeptical New York omnivores from different backgrounds who try to stick to a vegan diet for six weeks, this funny flick makes it very easy to relate to their feelings and struggles. The participants have their own health measured throughout the vegan challenge and get educated about all the ethical and environmental reasons why a plant-based diet is so important.
  5. What the Health – Focusing on exposing corruption in the government and organizations, this film questions several medical doctors and researchers about the growing body of evidence on the health dangers of animal foods and how they contribute to our leading causes of death.

What are you waiting for? Grab a family member, friend, pet, or even just some vegetarian snacks and prepare to rethink everything you know about living plant-based.