Farm Forward implements innovative strategies to promote conscientious food choices, reduce farm animal suffering, and advance sustainable agriculture.

Farm Sanctuary

Works to end cruelty to farm animals and promotes compassionate living through rescue, education and advocacy.

Field Roast

Started in 1997 when Chef David Lee combined the traditional idea of Buddhist food "Mien Ching" with bold European flavors. Field Roast now makes an exceptional line of vegetarian grain meats that includes roasts, deli meats, sausages, etc.

Follow Your Heart

Brand name for line of vegetarian, all natural, sandwich spreads, soy cheeses, veggie meats, and salad dressings. Well known for its Vegenaise® product, the best all natural, refrigerator-fresh, eggless mayonnaise.

Food for Life

A nonprofit organization, bringing food and life to the needy of the world through the liberal distribution of vegan food prepared with love.

Food For Life

Breads, Buns, English Muffins, Pocket Breads, Cereals and Pastas, among others. Special product categories, ingredients and processes include: organic; flourless; sprouted grain; high fiber; wheat-free; gluten-free; low sodium; unsweetened; fruit juice sweetened; dairy-free; low fat; and yeast-free baked goods.

Friends for Life

Friends for Life (FFL) is a no-kill, non-profit, volunteer organization established to help animals in need. At FFL, we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals. With no outside funding or grants, FFL operates on donations and good-will alone.

Friends of Mokuula

In West Maui is one of Hawaii's most significant archeological finds, the center of royal residence when Lahaina was the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and burial place of Hawaii's most sacred alii.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is the U.S. voice of an influential, international network of grassroots groups in 70 countries. Friends of the Earth has for decades been at the forefront of high-profile efforts to create a healthier, just world. (search on genetic engineering)

GE Food Alert

A coalition of seven organizations united in their commitment to testing and labeling genetically engineered food.