Coconut Dosa with Spiced Potato Filling

Dosa is a thin rice flour crepe. It takes some practice and you need to follow directions perfectly to get the crepes correct, but practice makes perfect!

6 dosa, and 4 cups spiced potato filling

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Updated: Mon, 05/13/2019 - 8:51pm



  • 1 cup white rice flour
  • 2 Tablespoons cornstarch
  • ½ teaspoon sugar
  • Pinch sea salt
  • 1¾ cups water
  • ½ cup coconut milk

Spiced Potato Filling

  • 2 cups chopped potato
  • 1 cup chopped sweet potato
  • 1 cup shredded coconut
  • ½ - ¾ cup coconut milk
  • 1-2 teaspoons cumin, coriander, garam masala, curry and turmeric
  • Salt, chili flakes and black pepper to taste
  • ½ cup frozen peas or other mixed vegetables
  • 1 cup fresh chopped cilantro

Notes: You will need a high-quality non-stick skillet and lots of time to make all the Dosa.


  1. In a large bowl whisk together Dosa ingredients. The batter will be very thin and should barely coat a spoon. Set aside.
  2. For the Spiced Potato Filling: Add potatoes and coconut to a large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and let cook until soft, about 15 minutes. Drain and set aside to cool.
  3. Mash potatoes with coconut milk, spices, and pepper. Taste and adjust seasonings. Add peas and cilantro stir to combine. Set aside.
  4. To make the Coconut Dosa: Heat a non-stick skillet with just a few drops of oil, then smear with a paper towel to just barely coat the pan (NOTE: you need to repeat this step for every crepe). Add ¼ cup of batter to pan and immediately swirl pan to coat bottom; when adding batter to the pan it will splatter and set immediately into a lacy pattern). Let cook for five minutes, until edges can be lifted. Use a wide spatula and gently lift Dosa and flip (if the dosa is too sticky to lift, wait a few minutes more and then flip). Cook for just a few minutes longer on the second side. Remove from skillet and repeat with remaining batter. (NOTE: crepes work best in an evenly hot pan; the first few crepes may not turn out well, but give it a few more tries and it will work perfectly!)
  5. Transfer Dosa to a large plate. Fill with Spiced Potato Filling and roll like a burrito, or tear Dosa into bites and dip into potatoes. Enjoy!