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Photo: Bowl of Thai Coconut Curry

Thai Coconut Curry

Creamy, sweet, and spicy – this dish showcases some of the best flavors of Thai cuisine.

Photo: Mujaddhra (Lentils, Rice & Onions)

Mujaddhra (Lentils, Rice & Onions)

Mujaddara is a classic, wholesome dish relying on the savory flavor of properly caramelized onions. Take the time to cook them well and the dish will be a burst of sweet and savory flavors.

Photo: Down to Earth Recipes

Easy Eggless Quiche

Easy Eggless Quiche Recipe from Down to Earth Organic and Natural

Photo: Raw Quinoa Burgers

Raw Quinoa Burgers

Recipe for Raw Quinoa Burgers from Down to Earth Organic and Natural.

Photo: Baked Vietnamese-Style Barbecue Tofu

Baked Vietnamese-Style Barbecue Tofu

This hearty and flavorful tofu is a perfect companion to our Vegan Pho, or just served solo!

Photo: Samosas with Cilantro Yogurt

Samosas with Cilantro Yogurt

Samosas are a bit labor intensive but they are amazingly delicious and so fun to make- it’s worth it!

Photo: Empanadas


Empanadas are pastry pockets filled with all manner of savory foods and are a staple in the Latin world. These make a delicious potluck dish- but they freeze well too, for easy homemade dinners!

Photo: Down to Earth Recipes

Roasted Garlic Alfredo Pasta

Creamy, decadent and delicious – this vegan dish will have even your most carnivorous friends asking for seconds and thirds!

Photo: Vegan Breakfast Burrito

Southwestern Vegan Breakfast Burrito

This burrito wraps up bold flavors and easy cooking all in one. Cold leftover grains and beans are preferred and welcomed in this dish to help stretch your dollar.

Photo: Sushi Salad

Sushi Salad

This incredible salad has a lot of components but is well worth the effort!