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Raw Kelp Noodle Salad with Pesto

Kelp noodles are a great alternative to pasta, and offer a mineral rich addition to your salads or soups.

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Quinoa Pilaf

The perfect weeknight meal: grains, beans and veggies in a delicious one-pot meal!

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Lentil Tamarind Stew

Tamarind is a tangy, flavorful concentrate that used in Southeast Asian meals. It’s so flavorful that just a few tablespoons will flavor this whole pot of lentils.

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Pesto Crème Pasta w/ Pumpkin

Sweet kabocha pumpkin is a great addition to this cozy comforting pasta meal. Pre-made pesto makes this decadent dish even easier.

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Raw Beet Ravioli

Beautiful and beautifying red beets make a lovely raw entrée. Serve with the Raw Cream Sauce for a special meal.

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Cooked Vegan Lasagne - gluten, soy and sugar-free

This super delicious baked lasagne delivers an abundance of flavor and hot, comforting, gooey goodness.

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Raw Lasagne

This sugar-free adaptation of Russell James delicious recipe is a dinner party stunner. It may look like a lot of work from the recipe, but takes less time than a cooked lasagne, as it primarily involves blending the ingredients. The recipe has many variations, please feel free to play.

Photo: Punjabi-Style Cabbage

Punjabi-Style Cabbage

This delicious and simple dish can be made in a slow cooker as well as on the stovetop.

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Cheezy Vegan Enchiladas

Classic comfort food: this great meal gets flavor from a smoky red sauce and a creamy vegan ‘cheezy’ sauce.

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Eggplant Parmigiana

Here is a vegan, gluten-free version of this Italian classic. Great as a snack or with a salad as a full meal.