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Budget Friendly Meals

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Caribbean Soup

Bursting with flavors of coconut, lime and ginger, this quick and simple soup offers a delicious taste of the Caribbean.

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Creamy Split Pea Soup

Peas are often overlooked, but these cheap legumes are hearty and loaded with fiber and minerals. One cup cooked peas has 65% of your daily fiber needs!

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Lentil Tamarind Stew

Tamarind is a tangy, flavorful concentrate that used in Southeast Asian meals. It’s so flavorful that just a few tablespoons will flavor this whole pot of lentils.

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Red Lentil & Pepper Soup

Red lentils make a quick, wholesome low-fat lunch or dinner. You can change out the beans too for colorful variations: try black beans, chickpeas or mung beans.

Photo: Gluten-Free Zucchini Fritters

Gluten-Free Zucchini Fritters

Fritters are a simple, fun way to add veggies into your snacks!

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Zesty Orange Quinoa Salad

A mix of red and white quinoa, bright greens and flavorful oranges makes for a quick (and beautiful) summertime potluck or BBQ dish.

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Garlic Bread Rolls

Serve these savory rolls as a quick snack with your favorite dipping sauce.

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Tempeh Musubi

Musubi is a classic Hawaiian snack. This veganized version uses wholesome tempeh and sweet brown rice.

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Ful Muddamus (Fava Bean Soup)

Ful Muddamus is a simple bean soup that is usually eaten for breakfast in Egypt and other parts of Africa. It’s delicious solo or with rice or bread.

Photo: Down to Earth Recipes

Broccoli Frittata

A great eggless frittata that works for brunch, lunch or dinner. This version is adapted from the blog Fat Free Vegan.