by Down to Earth

October is Non-GMO Month! Down to Earth is celebrating it with a series of events to promote awareness of the Non-GMO Project Verified seal and your "right to know!" The main event is the Non-GMO products sale being held Oct. 11th through November 14th. You'll find special deals on items tagged with the Non-GMO Project seal in this month's Super-Saver Flyer:

Super Saver Flyer Deals: Click Here for our Monthly Flyer

As part of our celebration of Non-GMO Month, we have been holding GMO panel discussions at our Kahului and Kapolei locations. The next one is Oct. 23rd in our Lifestyle Center next door to the Honolulu store. Recipes featuring non-GMO ingredients will be taught at our free vegetarian cooking classes that are conducted by our team of vegetarian chefs at all Down to Earth locations. We also created a special Facebook page dedicated solely to GMO-related news. Be sure to “Like” us at Label GMOs Hawaii for valuable updates to your Facebook News Feed!

Label GMOs! Facebook

For more information about GMOs, see our “Label GMOs” page or on Facebook, or the FAQs page of the Non-GMO Project.