Screenshot Showing Japanese Button on the Down to Earth Home Page

by Down to Earth

If you looked closely at our website over the past few days, you may have noticed a small icon with Japanese characters to the left of the “Search” box. Click on this icon and you will land on a page filled with Japanese writing, welcoming visitors from Japan to Down to Earth. Click on the two large images in the center of the page and you will find two more pages, in turn, that invite Japanese visitors to our Deli and Wellness department pages.

Over the past year, received 8,000+ page visits from Japan! With an average of three pages viewed per visit, clearly people from Japan are interested in what we have to offer. While it’s difficult to say how many of these ‘virtual visits’ translate to ‘store visits,’ we’re certainly turning up as a destination spot for Japanese visitors on the web! We just made it a little easier for them to find us! If you speak Japanese, or know anyone who does, click on the icon on any of our webpages and check us out!