Photo: Dr. Shintani and Linda Soraoka at the Down to Earth Hot Bar

by Generations Magazine

What would it be like to get so healthy that your medication became unnecessary? That is what Dr. Shintani’s 10 Day Program is for Linda Soraoka. She is one of Dr. Shintani’s program graduates. She was taking prescription medications for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol - a total of nine pills per day. After just 10 days, two of her medications became unnecessary. What’s most important is that she learned the skills to continue a healthy lifestyle. Six months later she no longer needed any medication. Her blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol were all normal without them. The side effect? She lost 40 pounds without really trying.

It was really easy,” Linda says, “There was no calorie counting or portion size control and the weight just fell off. Dr. Shintani saved my life.”

Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH, KSJ is a local physician, attorney, nutritionist, author, lecturer, radio show host and community advocate.

You probably know him best for his whole-person diet programs, such as Eat More, Weigh Less Diet and the Shintani Diet. In 1992, his health program won the highest national award from the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

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