Give the Gift of Health

by Caitlin Rose

As Christmas approaches, everyone starts to wonder, “What can I give the people I love to really demonstrate that I care for them?” We want to find something personal, useful, something that shows our love and appreciation. But often times the gifts we give and receive only offer short-term benefits such as a new toy, a new gadget or a new appliance – some of which might not see the light of day after Christmas day. This year, why not give the most valuable gift that will last a lifetime: give the gift of health.

A Time to Give Thanks: The Vegetarian Way

by Frank Santana

Isn’t it wonderful that Mother Nature has given us all the plants we need to meet our nutritional requirements without having to slaughter animals for food ...and that in doing so, we improve our health and contribute to a cleaner and safer environment! This is one of the most important—and least understood--reasons for which we have to give thanks. It's one of the reasons why a few friends of mine will join together again this year to hold a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast. It’s their way of giving thanks.

Do Vegetarians Get Enough Protein?

by Tandis Bishop, RD

Probably no component of food has been so misunderstood, and so radically misinterpreted, as protein. When we talk about vegetarianism, usually the biggest concern people have is "How can I get enough protein?" This myth is finally becoming dissolved as leading health organizations are recognizing the significance of plant-based proteins as compared to the detrimental health hazards of excess animal-protein in the average American diet. You will see that it is almost impossible to be protein deficient on a well-balanced, calorie-adequate vegetarian diet.

AINA In Schools: Creating Lifelong Environmental Stewardship

by Michele McKay

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our kids could really connect with the earth in a meaningful and lasting way? If school programs could help them form a lifelong appreciation and caring for Hawaii’s environment? If planting, growing, harvesting, and eating fresh, local produce could teach them about good nutrition, healthy choices, and where food comes from? If school cafeterias could be a market for local farmers so that fresh, local crops could end up as wholesome school lunches?

Move Slowly Towards a Healthy Vegetarian Diet: Best New Year’s Resolution

by Tandis Bishop

January is a time of the year when people think about shedding weight and making resolutions to get healthy. However well-meaning, most people who make such resolutions don’t stick with their "new" healthy commitments for very long. For many, it’s too difficult to keep up. Others grow impatient when the results they seek take longer than they want. Unfortunately, becoming truly healthy is not a quick fix. We need to go beyond New Year's resolutions.

Greening Your Holidays through Compassion

by Michele McKay

The holiday season is all about goodwill – expressing love with gifts, enjoying special time with family and community, demonstrating caring toward others. In a word, it’s about compassion. And what better way to turn compassion into practice than with the kindness of cruelty-free vegetarian holiday meals? Your goodwill in choosing vegetarian fare will bring you a ‘green’ bonus: the compassion you show for other living beings will extend directly into compassionate action and benefit to the Earth!

Celebrate a Turkey-free Thanksgiving

As we plan menus for this year's Thanksgiving dinner, consider that a vegetarian lifestyle awakens our spirit of compassion and guides us towards a kinder, gentler society in which we exercise a moral choice to protect animals—not exploit them.

So why not celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving with a turkey-free dinner? Each year, over 5 million turkeys are raised under horrible conditions and then slaughtered for holiday feasting. What a great opportunity to protect animals, by reducing so much pain and suffering. Just skip the buzzard!