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Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Rich dark chocolate is swirled into the batter to create this sweet, dark treat for serious chocolate lovers!

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Coconut Brownies

Toasted coconut and almond blend perfectly in this sweet vegan treat. Make a double recipe and freeze some backups.

Photo: Black Rice Pudding

Burbur Injin (Black Rice Pudding)

This is often served as a dessert, but works just as well as a breakfast or snack. Usually palm sugar is used, but brown sugar and sucanat are good substitutes.

Photo: Raw Cacao Fudge Truffles

Raw Cacao Fudge Truffles

Chewy and moist, this treat will delight chocolate lovers of all ages!

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Raw Vanilla Bean Spice Pudding

Pre-soaking the cardamom and vanilla with the agave adds more richness to the flavor. Lucuma is a sub-tropical fruit from the Andes, which has a unique shortbread-malt-maple flavor and is rich in trace minerals.

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Pleasing Potato Salad

This delightful potato salad is an all time picnic pleaser. It also makes a great potluck dish you're sure to win the hearts of everyone.

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Raw Cacao Mousse

Decadently simple to prepare and enjoy the creamy texture of a mousse with a deep, dark chocolate flavor to satisfy any chocolate lover!

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Vegan Baklava

A classic Middle Eastern dessert! Try adding orange
zest, rosewater, or cardamom for a unique flavor.

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Toasted Quinoa & Carrot Salad

Wholesome quinoa and bright carrots make a perfect salad for all your meals and potluck parties.

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Sweet Red Rice Salad

Red or Wehani Rice was cultivated from basmati rice and has a more nutty flavor than brown rice. Combine with sweet brown rice for a chewy texture.