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Red Lentil & Pepper Soup

Red lentils make a quick, wholesome low-fat lunch or dinner. You can change out the beans too for colorful variations: try black beans, chickpeas or mung beans.

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Eggplant Parmigiana

Here is a vegan, gluten-free version of this Italian classic. Great as a snack or with a salad as a full meal.

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Island Delight Smoothie

Our islands are full of amazing fruits, and this smoothie combines some of the best for a sweet, wholesome treat.

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Kombucha (Continuous Method)

This popular fermented drink is easy to make at home.

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Water Kefir - Ginger Beer

Kefir grains come in two kinds - milk and water (also called tibicos). Water kefir provides probiotics without the need for dairy or tea cultured products, such as kombucha. It can be made with many different flavors - please experiment. This basic ginger beer recipe is designed to give you a foundation.

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Vegan Kimchi

A spicy and sour traditional Korean fermented side dish.

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Coconut Water Kefir

This is a popular variation on water kefir made with coconut water. Fresh coconut water is best if you can get it. Pasteurized bottled coconut water works fine too.

Raw Pickled Ginger

Raw Pickled Ginger

This raw, sugar-free version of the classic Japanese pickled ginger takes only a few minutes to prepare, is ready to eat immediately and will last for two months in the refrigerator.

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Raw Kale & Cabbage Tahini Salad

This refreshing salad can be enjoyed year round.

Photo: Pico de Gallo Salsa

Pico de Gallo Salsa

Pico de Gallo translates as “roosters beak” because the ingredients in this fresh salsa are so roughly chopped it’s like a chicken has pecked at them. It only takes a few minutes to make - just peck at it and throw it in a bowl!