Local, Fresh, Organic & Natural

Our core values “Local, Fresh, Organic & Natural” reflect what is truly important to us in our product standards. They help to guide our buying decisions as we strive to fulfill our mission and work towards attaining our vision.

  • Local – As a local company, serving Hawaii since 1977, we support local farmers and businesses, and actively promote healthy and sustainable living within Hawaii’s island communities. Learn More about Local
  • Fresh – We are committed to providing the freshest products possible, from our farm fresh produce to our deli foods made from scratch. Learn more about Fresh
  • Organic – We are dedicated to promoting delicious and nutritious foods that are produced sustainably using organic farming methods that are good for the environment. Learn more about Organic
  • Natural – We provide natural foods, supplements, and body care products that are minimally processed and are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and other added chemicals. Learn more about Natural