Since our company started in 1977, we have been devoted to sustainability through our commitment to organic and natural foods.

Organically grown foods nourish the soil and keep unnecessary pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals out of soil and groundwater. Natural foods that are minimally processed and made without the use of synthetic ingredients are less resource-intensive and are better for the planet. Our sustainable foundation is rooted in our commitment to all-vegetarian foods. Research demonstrates that eating a vegetarian, plant-based diet is the best way to reduce our energy consumption, fight climate change, and improve the health of our land and water. The all-vegetarian foods at Down to Earth are healthful for humans AND for the planet!

In addition to our food choices, Down to Earth makes a conscious effort use our resources efficiently. Many of our stores have climate-controlled refrigeration systems, high efficiency LED lighting, and hot water reclamation systems to reduce energy usage. We provide recycled and recyclable paper shopping bags, we sell a range of re-useable shopping bags, and we use bio-compostable plastics in our deli. In addition, we offer a wide variety of green living products to help you integrate sustainability into your life, including reusable bags and water bottles, natural gardening products and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Down to Earth also supports sustainability efforts in our local community. We work with local farmers and producers to encourage organic methods of farming, support farms and gardens with donations and promote sustainable living ideas through our community workshops and classes.

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