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During the Month of March we will be installing a new “HowGood” product price tag system in all our stores.  It provides an easy way for customers to see whether a product is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.  Shoppers can make a quick, informed buying decision right in the grocery aisle. You’re the first to know!

Talk Story with the Love Life! Team

Living a sustainable lifestyle has always been a part of me, especially because of having grown up in Santa Cruz, California. I grew up being told that sustainability is so important because every action we make affects our future… and I couldn’t agree more.

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For thousands of years, farmers used human and animal power to grow food that was mostly consumed locally. By the 20th century, mechanized "industrial" farming greatly improved crop yields while cheap fossil fuels made it possible to ship produce to consumers far from where it was grown. However, the improved food productivity and availability came at a heavy price. The more we learn about our current food production system, the greater the concern for what it means to our health, the environment and our future generations.  

What are the concerns?

Health Tip

One of the best and most rewarding ways to live sustainably is through gardening and growing some -- or even all -- of your own produce, even if it’s just on your lanai or in a backyard garden.

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