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It’s now easier to order your favorite deli menu items from Down to Earth.  We just launched a new online deli ordering system at our location on 2525 S. King St.

Talk Story with the Love Life! Team

When you think of the word sustainability, do images of farms, recycling symbols, and windmills come to mind? Sustainability can be a huge concept to wrap your mind around. Working at Down to Earth, I’m usually surrounded by like-minded people who incorporate sustainable practices in their lives without a second thought. However when I run into the “real world”, it shocks me sometimes how little many care about sustainability. 

Featured Article

We hear your concerns. You value quality, integrity and social responsibility. You carry these values into the sustainable products you choose to buy. To support your values, this month we are introducing a trusted, simple way to identify those products. Down to Earth has partnered with New York City-based HowGood, Inc. to offer a product rating system based on the world’s largest independently researched database on sustainable food. This rating system empowers you to have a fully transparent grocery shopping experience as you walk our aisles. 

Health Tip

With most kids back in school this month, it’s the perfect time to get inspired with new snack ideas! The importance of healthy snacking is huge, as it helps balance blood sugar levels, provides lasting energy, and ensures good nourishment for you and your growing children.

Yummy, healthy snacks help keep kids from eating too many empty calories, usually in the form of sugary drinks, sweets and candies, chips, and cookies. This goes a long way in preventing childhood obesity and diabetes, which are increasing problems here in the U.S.

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