Empowering You to Shop Sustainably

Good for the World, Great for the World, and Best for the World

Watch how the "How Good" Ratings Work on YouTube

We hear your concerns. You value quality, integrity and social responsibility. You carry these values into the sustainable products you choose to buy. To support your values, this month we are introducing a trusted, simple way to identify those products. Down to Earth has partnered with New York City-based HowGood, Inc. to offer a product rating system based on the world’s largest independently researched database on sustainable food. This rating system empowers you to have a fully transparent grocery shopping experience as you walk our aisles. 

You will see ratings displayed as part of our product price tags. They provide a simplified scoring system of the best, most sustainable food products on our shelves.

Good, Great, Best

A product can have one of three HowGood ratings:

  • Good (Better than 75% of all food produced in the U.S.)
  • Great (Better  than 85%)
  • Best (Top 5%)

What the HowGood tags represent:

The HowGood system condenses extensive research into a simple rating that will be part of the price on the product shelf tag. It will show “how good” the product rates both socially and environmentally. The ratings incorporate an average of 60 indicators based on:

  • Sourcing standards – growing, procurement, labor, livestock, and distribution.
  • Processing practices – workforce, ingredient profile, and processing.
  • Company conduct – community, employment, environment, and management.

If a product does not meet HowGood’s sustainability standards, it will not receive a rating tag. New items that have not been rated will also not display a tag until research on that product has been completed.

This partnership makes Down to Earth one of the first grocers in Hawaii to provide point of purchase insights reflecting a food product’s overall goodness. HowGood ratings honor the growing demand for our shoppers who want to identify quality food made by producers who care about the consumer, their employees, and the environment. Now more than ever, you are empowered to shop smart and shop sustainably!