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Why Gut Health is Your BFF

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Our Product Standards- Only the Cleanest & Best for You!

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Kick the junk to the curb and get clean! This isn’t about tidying up your garage, but rather rethinking what’s on your plate. Down to Earth is here to inspire you as your source for the cleanest and healthiest foods on the planet.

The Mighty Green Powerhouse: Matcha!

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One Word, Endless Possibilities: Matcha

One-word, endless possibilities: Matcha! Nowadays we see it in many beverages, infused food items, and on our favorite grocery store shelves. But what is it? Merriam-Webster defines matcha as a green powder made from ground green tea leaves used to make tea, other beverages, and as a flavoring agent.

Stock Your Shelves the Wholesome Way: Mastering the Art of a Whole Food Pantry

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Photo: Storage of food in the kitchen in pantry

Why go for a whole food pantry? Well, it’s simple: whole foods are pretty much the superheroes of nutrition. They’re unprocessed, unrefined, and oh-so-good for you. You know what’s even better?

Detox Do's & Don'ts

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Picture: Detox Fruits and Juices

Ready to clean up your act with a detox? Good for you!

Discover your Dry January favorite. We’ve got you!

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Photo: Clever Mojito

Happy New Year! As we welcome a fresh start, many of us are embracing Dry January, a time to reset and focus on our well-being. Whether you’re a seasoned participant or curious about the benefits of a month without alcohol, Down to Earth is here to support you and set you up for success.

Down to Earth Honolulu has been Refreshed!

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Down to Earth is excited to announce that we've given our Honolulu (King St.) store a fabulous refresh!

Eco-friendly Christmas tree ornaments

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Eco-friendly ornaments

If you are looking for some eco-friendly decorations, specifically in the tree ornament department, we got you! These Christmas ornaments are sustainable and will be fun to create with your friends or ohana.

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations the earth will thank you for!

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Eco-Friendly Decorations

On Christmas morning, we wait for our friends or loved ones to wake up and enjoy a breakfast meal and then we make a huge mess of unwrapping presents. The gift-wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon are found on the floor and then thrown in the trash. We watch a Christmas movie and enjoy drinking hot cocoa in our pajamas. Christmas season is such a magical time of the year! Unfortunately, it can also be the most wasteful.

Local Brand feature: Piko Provisions

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Photo: Pink Provisions Founder and CEO, Ethan West

The best baby food is local, healthy, sustainable, and made with aloha. Piko Provisions has got all that covered and more. Based in Honolulu, Piko Provisions is 100% Hawaii grown and made, with sourcing from hundreds of regenerative farmers across our island communities.