Mother’s Day Gifts from the Heart

Family beauty treatment in bathroom. mother and daughter

When we think of Mother’s Day gifts, we usually think about what to buy. This year, consider making something. Handmade gifts are the best, and moms love them because they come from the heart. 

So then, what to make? When we were kids, mommas would take care of our every need. They would feed us, dress us, hug us and kiss us. They bathed us as babies and made sure our skin was properly cared for. They checked us for chafing and anomalies, and made sure the products they used were gentle and right for our skin. We were happy!

Now, as an adult, consider returning the favor and make her something that looks out for her skin care needs and, in turn, makes her happy! Help your keiki make a skin care item for their aunties or kuku wahine. They’ll love the thoughtfulness in spending time making something for them, and using your gift will make them very happy.

To see ideas and “How To” instructions for a wide variety of skin care products you and your keiki can make at home, click on these links to great Do-It-Yourself ideas:

Face Scrub

Help mom scrub away impurities, leaving her skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

Face Masks

Give mom a reason to slow down and pamper herself with a couple skin-detoxing face masks.

Body Scrubs

Moms can use these to feel clean and rejuvenated!

Bath Salts

Help mom's skin radiate while she relaxes in a warm bath.

Body Butters

Luxurious creams that moisturize.