Become a Healthier Version of Yourself in 2016!

Photo: Fruits and Vegetables

New Year, new start, new you! No matter how cliché the slogans are, the New Year really is a chance to start fresh and a perfect time to reevaluate your life and your habits, and commit to reaching better health and making positive changes.

Raw Foods 101 – Workshop on June 9th!

Photo: Fresh Salad with Greens

The benefits of raw food have gained increased attention from people across the nation over the few past decades.

Organic Food is Family Food

Organic food's image during the past century has undergone numerous makeovers in the public eye. What started as hippie food and became gourmet food is now returning to its roots as family food.

Ancient Traditions, Local Business, Homegrown Values: A Recipe for Success

Photo: Noni Fruit

This month, Down to Earth celebrates our long standing commitment to supporting local farmers and manufacturers with a profile of one of our favorite Hawaii-based businesses. Eleven years ago, Down to Earth first gave this family enterprise their start, and since then we’ve enjoyed a healthy partnership - in every sense of the word.

Give the Gift of Health

Photo: Hands Holding an Apple

As Christmas approaches, everyone starts to wonder, “What can I give the people I love to really demonstrate that I care for them?” We want to find something personal, useful, something that shows our love and appreciation. But often times the gifts we give and receive only offer short-term benefits such as a new toy, a new gadget or a new appliance – some of which might not see the light of day after Christmas day. This year, why not give the most valuable gift that will last a lifetime: give the gift of health.

Natural Sweeteners for the Smart Shopper

Photo: Stevia Sweetener

What do you do when you want something sweet but don’t want to suffer the ill effects of sugar or artificial sweeteners? Oftentimes, a diabetic’s biggest challenge is finding a safe and suitable sweetener to satisfy their sweet tooth. But this search for healthy sweeteners doesn’t apply to diabetics alone. With the rise in popularity of Atkins-type low-carb diets, diabetics are not the only people searching for great-tasting, low-calorie, natural sweeteners. November’s health tip takes a closer look at two such natural sweeteners.