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Down to Earth Wins 2018 “Best Health Food Store” Award… Yet Again!

Down to Earth 2018 Best Health Food Store award

12 Years in a Row!

Honolulu, HI (June 17, 2018) -- We are thrilled to report that once again readers of the Star-Advertiser voted Down to Earth “2018 Best Health Food Store.” This year’s contest includes the new Vegetarian category, for which we earned “Finalist.”  The announcement was made in the Star-Advertiser’s 2018 Hawaii’s Best edition, which was published on June 17th. As many of you know, this vote is the result of their annual “People’s Choice Awards,” which every year asks readers to name their “Best” choice in a variety of categories. 

Talk Story with the Love Life! Team

After-sun Skin Care

Summer is right around the corner, you can feel it in the air! Temperatures are getting higher, and we are starting to see more of the sun. During these hotter months of the year, protecting your skin is so important. However, it’s not just about lathering on sunscreen and moisturizing lotions. You want to make sure the products you’re using have safe ingredients, so you can feel confident that you’re protecting your skin.  Some of my favorite after-sun products are from Ny’ala Skin Care, a locally made skin care line with clean ingredients.

Featured Article

Is Your Sunscreen Killing Coral?

Photo: Person dispensing sunscreen

Hawaii state lawmakers signed a bill in May that bans the sale of sunscreens containing two chemicals deemed damaging to coral reefs and other marine organisms. If Gov. David Ige signs the bill, it would make Hawaii the first state to enact legislation designed to protect marine ecosystems by banning such sunscreens.

Health Tip

Nutrition for Nourished Skin

Photo: Woman applying moisturizer to her face

As temperatures get warmer and summer clothes are worn on a daily basis, healthy glowing skin becomes the ultimate accessory. Slathering ourselves in skincare products is often the first line of defense when trying to achieve skin health. Often, we don’t think about how our skin can be affected from the inside-out by the foods we consume. Try the tips listed below and adopt a new approach by nourishing your skin with healthy food.

'Ekahi Corner

Exercise Your Way to a Healthier Future

Photo: Woman running in sunset

Wellness Tips Adapted from Ornish Living Magazine

Everyone wants to get healthy, but keeping a regular fitness regime can be tough. When you have family, a professional career, or busy tasks throughout the day, hitting the gym might be the last thing on your mind. Recent research even shows that some of us are predisposed to not enjoy exercise! So, if you haven’t been keeping up with your fitness routine lately, don’t be so hard on yourself. We’ve created some helpful tips to help you ease back into regular physical activity without overworking your body.

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