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Down to Earth Wins 2018 “Best Health Food Store” Award… Yet Again!

Photo: Down to Earth 2018 Best Health Food Store award

We are thrilled to report that once again readers of the Star-Advertiser voted Down to Earth “2018 Best Health Food Store.” This year’s contest includes the new Vegetarian category, for which we earned “Finalist.”  The announcement was made in the Star-Advertiser’s 2018 Hawaii’s Best edition, which was published on June 17th. As many of you know, this vote is the result of their annual “People’s Choice Awards,” which every year asks readers to name their “Best” choice in a variety of categories. 

Talk Story with the Love Life! Team

7 Healthy Habits for Back to School

Photo: Little girl sitting outside school with her backpack and snacks

Parents often pass down more than genes to children – habits are usually picked up too! Keep reading for some healthy habits you can cultivate in your kids just in time for going back to school.

Featured Article

Join Us on August 10th for the New Kailua Store Grand Opening

Photo: New Kailua Store

Join us as we celebrate the opening of our new Kailua store on Saturday, August 10th. Our 6,000 square foot Kailua store is getting a big upgrade to a new 15,000 square foot space! We'll be throwing a big Grand Opening party to show off the brand new store including:

Health Tip

Navigating the Non-dairy Milk Aisle

Photo: Cashew Milk

Gone are the days of the only non-dairy milk options being soy or rice milk. More and more people are drinking non-dairy milk because of personal preferences and allergies and intolerances to cow’s milk. Fortunately the amount of options has increased significantly but it may leave you feeling overwhelmed when trying to choose. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the non-dairy aisle.

'Ekahi Corner

Blue Zones: The Key to Living Longer?

Photo: A cove in Sardinia, Italy

Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Icaria in Greece, and Loma Linda in California. What do these five regions have in common? At first glance, the answer seems unclear. But these were the five regions chosen by author Dan Buettner, in partnership with National Geographic and the National Institute on Aging, after scouring the world for the regions where people live the longest.

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