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VegFest Recruiting Event Day Volunteers!


VegFest Oahu 2017 is looking for an inspirational team of volunteers who will help the event come to life and run smoothly on Saturday, September 2.  Be in service, make new friends and have fun with us!  Short shifts available, and a free VegFest Oahu 2017 t-shirt to the first 60 people to join our Event Day Volunteer family.  Bring your energy, smiles and passion for a better world!

Talk Story with the Love Life! Team

How I went from eating cereal for dinner to making homemade pasta!

Photo: Fresh Pasta with Basil and Tomatoes

When I was thinking about becoming vegetarian, over 10 years ago, like many others, I turned to the internet. I went down a lot of internet “rabbit holes”, I mean A LOT. As I explored all things plant-based, I had to reel it back to reality. A lot of what I was reading online kept pointing to one undeniable truth. In order to eat vegetarian food that I’d like, I was going to have to try… cooking it myself.

Featured Article

Let’s Hear it For the Women!

Mother and child shopping

Many women—especially moms--work harder than most anyone and get little acknowledgement for it, all while weathering stress that would cave most men. This article is to acknowledge all they do and suggest a few ideas they may consider to help guard their health.

Too often we take for granted everything women do in contributing to the family income by taking on a job or developing a professional career while taking care of their family, households, and raising children. Also taken for granted is the stress that results from all the expectations that come with it.

Health Tip

Decreasing Inflammation with Diet

Photo: Fresh Berries

Women are multi-taskers; if we are doing one thing we are doing six things. We are wonderful at getting things accomplished but we often put our own needs and health on the back-burner. Insufficient sleep, stress, obesity and busy lifestyles that lack self-care can all contribute to inflammation in our bodies.

'Ekahi Corner

What’s the Point of Yoga in the Ornish Program?

Photo: Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Yoga

The American Heart Association recommends yoga to boost your heart health. But how does yoga boost heart health? When most people think of yoga, they think of working up a sweat while flowing to a musical beat or twisting one’s body into a pretzel. But at Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, yoga isn’t about exercise – it’s about simplicity, gentleness, ease, and stress management. It’s about guiding us inward, and returning us to a place of healing. 

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