by Michele McKay

February is the month to express our caring for those we love – the perfect time to give a valentine to Mother Earth. When we give to the Earth from our hearts, we are also giving to ourselves because each of us is intrinsically a part of the Earth. When we make the effort to heal the Earth, we heal ourselves.

Healing valentines for Mother Earth can take many forms. Some involve an increase in our connection to nature, and others are actions to lighten our “footprint” on the planet.

Increasing Connection

There are many ways of taking healing action that will increase our connection to nature, and each person has his or her own preferences. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Consciousness – Observing, studying, listening, reading, and spending time in the natural environment will heighten our awareness of the condition of the Earth.
  • Intention – Directing our focus and intentions to healing the Earth. This can be done anywhere – it is the thought that counts.
  • Reverence – Cultivating reverence for nature through our own observations and through the study of other people’s experiences.

Leaving a Light Footprint

Our ecological “footprint” represents the ecological impact of our lives. Valentines to Mother Earth include treading lightly on her. Actions of highest priority are these:

  • Reduce or eliminate the consumption of animal-based products. (Consult your physician before making abrupt, substantial dietary changes.)
  • Avoid processed and packaged foods, and purchase organic, locally grown products whenever possible.
  • Minimize household waste and the use of electricity, water, and fossil fuels.

Commute or travel by public transportation, by carpools, and by biking or walking as often as possible.