Down to Earth Personal Shopper

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If you would like to proceed with this form for your order, please follow the instructions below:

A 3% picking fee will be added to all orders except for EBT orders. This fee is to help with the admin and labors costs of this program. Personal Shopper orders sent via this form will be processed within 2 hours if sent between these hours:

  • Mon-Fri- 8am-5pm
  • Sat. & Sun 8am-12pm

Orders sent after these hours will be processed the following day. You may be able to place a Personal Shopper order at other times during open hours by calling your favorite Down to Earth store. When calling, press 0 to bypass the menu and speak directly to a team member.

Store Locations

  • Kahului (808) 877-2661
  • Honolulu/King Street (808) 947-7678
  • Kakaako (808) 465-2512
  • Kailua (808) 262-3838
  • Pearlridge (808) 488-1375
  • Kapolei (808) 675-2300


  1. Please fill out order form below providing as much info about each item you are ordering as possible.
  2. A Team Member may call to ask any questions about your orders or to offer substitute items if the item you ordered is not available.
  3. A Team Member will call to let you know when the order is ready. They will explain the payment process over the phone. If possible to do payment over the phone, they will ask for your payment information. If not, when you come pick up your order, they will collect payment from you then.
  4. Please wait until we have confirmed that your order is ready before attempting pick-up.
  5. When you get to the store, you can do an in-store pickup or you can call from your cell phone for a team member to deliver your order to your car. When calling, press 0 to bypass the menu and speak to a team member.
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