How to Cut Winter Squash

Celebrate the holidays with winter squash!

Usually served roasted or sautéed in a wide array of dishes, winter squash is extremely popular. However many people don't cook it at home because they feel intimidated to work with it.

Winter squashes, to endure the season they're named after, usually have very thick skins that can be extremely hard to cut through. Since we use so much winter squash during the holiday season, we often get asked how to cut winter squash easily and we love to share how we do it!

Simply fill a large stockpot halfway with water and bring to a boil. (Make sure it's big enough for your squash!) After boiling, turn heat off and carefully and slowly place squash in to the hot water. BE VERY CAREFUL! Allow squash to sit for 3-5 minutes. If needed, flip squash over if it doesn't all fit in the water. Drain the water out of the stockpot and carefully transfer the squash to a cutting board. The winter squash should be tender and now extremely easy to prepare!