Celebrate Earth Day with a Work Day at Aloha Animal Sanctuary

Photo Illustration: Earth with continents of fresh green sprouts

Earth Day Volunteer Work Day at Aloha Animal Sanctuary

Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 9:00am- 12:00pm
Aloha Animal Sanctuary
47-119 Pulama Rd

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Do you know the origin of Earth Day? On January 28, 1969, an oil well drilled off the coast of Santa Barbara, California blew out spewing more than three million gallons of oil and killing over 10,000 seabirds, dolphins, seals, and sea lions.

After this devastating disaster, activists became more determined to develop greater environmental regulation, environmental education, and as a result, Earth Day was created. The first Earth Day celebrations took place in April of 1970 in 2,000 colleges and universities, and hundreds of communities across the United States.

As we recognize Earth Day 2019, we are thankful that the need for environmental preservation is much more commonly appreciated than in 1970s. But what is the best action we can take to care for our precious Earth?

What we choose to eat is actually one of the most significant factors in the personal impact we have on the environment and climate change. Whether it's unchecked air or water pollution, soil erosion, or the overuse of resources, raising animals for food is wreaking havoc on the Earth. By going vegetarian you will help to:

  • Avoid excessive CO2 production
  • Reduce methane/nitrous oxide production
  • Save large amounts of water
  • Avoid further pollution of our streams/rivers/oceans
  • Reduce destruction of topsoil & tropical rainforest
  • Reduce destruction of wildlife habitats & endangered species
  • Reduce the use of antibiotics, growth promoters and chemicals

As an all-vegetarian store, Down to Earth Organic & Natural, wanted to participate in a work day activity to show our appreciation for the 'āina and all the creatures we share it with. On Sunday April 21, 2019 9am-12pm our Down to Earth team members and friends will be getting our hands dirty to help out at Aloha Animal Sanctuary.  Please join us!

Aloha Animal Sanctuary is O‘ahu’s first 501(c)(3) non-profit sanctuary for farmed animals. The sanctuary was founded by a team of animal rights activists who recognized there was a great need for a place of compassion on O‘ahu. Located at the base of the lush Ko‘olau Mountain Range in Kahalu‘u, Kaneohe, Aloha Animal Sanctuary rests on 2 acres of land. The sanctuary currently provides a loving home to pigs, ducks, and chickens that were saved from miserable living conditions and the slaughterhouse.

Bring your boots, sunscreen, bug repellant, water, reusable water bottles, and plates/utensils. Down to Earth will provide lunch after the work is done at 12pm. Here are some of the tasks volunteers will do:

  • Planting banana trees
  • Planting the organic garden
  • Helping build more fencing
  • Helping build the compost
  • Miscellaneous tasks like setting up the tool shed, painting the picnic table, etc.

We hope to see you on April 21st for a fun Earth Day/Work Day at Aloha Animal Sanctuary. Bring your family and friends but please carpool as parking is limited. Learn more about this event or call (808) 947-3249 for more information.