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Kale Salad with Ginger Hemp Dressing

The salad base for this is completely optional – feel free to mix together any of your favorite greens and salad staples. What makes this salad truly unique is the tasty and cleansing dressing! The intense, savory flavors of the dressing make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Photo: Down to Earth Recipes

Summer Tea Spritzer

Creating a truly delicious iced tea cannot be rushed! Simply adding ice to cooled tea doesn’t quite cut it as this often waters down the flavor. For a more intense flavor, we recommend using a cold brew method – which is a great way to brew your coffee too!

Photo: Down to Earth Recipes

Fruit Kabobs

File this one away in your ridiculously easy category as well as a fun project for kids to do.

Photo: Down to Earth Recipes

Kombucha Palmer

Have you been hearing about all the benefits of Kombucha but aren't sure if you want to try it? Or maybe you've tried it and it's unique flavor and carbonation are a little tough to get used to? This easy kombucha "cocktail" is perfect for newbies and even for those who love kombucha and want to try something new and sweet. If you're new to Kombucha, make sure you don't shake it too much or it might explode!! (

Photo: Glass of Lemon Mint Detox Water

Lemon Mint Detox Water

This spa quality mixture for your water could be just the thing that helps you feel great all day long and help clean out toxins and impurities. Lemon naturally cleanses and alkalizes your body. Mint helps aid in digestion, in fact, just a sniff of mint tells your stomach to automatically get ready to digest. Cucumber is re-hydrating and has anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger helps the digestion process and adds a little kick! There's really no right or wrong way to make this recipe. Start with this basic recipe and then adjust to your taste. Too much mint, leave it out! Want more ginger, put more in! This mixture will be good for 3-4 refills throughout the day and then it will start to lose it's flavor and its effectiveness.

Photo: Stovetop Chai

Stovetop Chai

If you haven’t got chai spice blend handy, but want a quick cup of chai, here’s a delicious recipe that you can make in minutes.

Photo: Quinoa with Cumin

Quinoa w/ Cumin

This is an adaptation of the famous dish Cumin Rice or Jeera ChawaI using one of the sugar-free “pseudo grains” – buckwheat, quinoa, millet and amaranth – instead of white rice. Delish!

Photo: Pitcher of Turmeric Tincture

Ginger or Turmeric Tincture

This tincture is super easy to make and is jam-packed with the properties of these healing herbs. Pour a splash into a cup and top with hot water and sweetener as a morning tonic, or add olive oil, pepper and salt to make a incredible a salad dressing.

Photo: Raw Coconut Rice

Raw Coconut Rice

Raw "rice" is often made from finely shredded cauliflower or parsnip. Here's a recipe for a simple coconut rice, to be accompanied by a favorite raw sauce or curry.

Photo: Mock Chicken Salad with Tempeh

Mock Chicken Salad with Tempeh

A super delicious, quick and simple salad, great for sandwich fillings or alongside a green salad for a fast lunch.