Community Partnerships

We partner with and support local island organizations whose goals align with ours.

Through events at our own stores, local schools, hospitals, and other organizations’ venues, we’ve had the honor of working directly with many great local organizations.  We partner with hospitals, schools, and numerous groups and organizations to help educate the general public about how easy it is to improve your health and the health of your loved ones through a plant-based diet. We provide vegetarian cooking classes and nutritional seminars, showing first-hand how to incorporate local, fresh, organic & natural foods into your meals. We also participate in our partners' health fairs and other events to help educate island communities about the importance of healthy living.

To learn more about some of our primary partnerships, click on the links below.

Additional Partnerships

In addition to the primary partnerships listed here, over the years, we have worked with numerous local groups and organizations to offer delicious free samples at their community events, provide plant-based private cooking sessions at local businesses, schools and organizations; assist in local fundraisers, and present topics of interest at local community events. Here are some of the events & partnerships we’ve been involved with, just to name a few!