How to Explain Healthy Eating to a Six Year-Old

Nutrition is a complex topic. The process of digestion is one of the most fascinating and least understood functions of the body. Food is also a very social activity, rooted in history and culture, which means everyone has different ideas about it. Over the years, I’ve experimented with many different diets, including sprouted and fermented foods, raw foods, local, in-season foods, and macrobiotic foods. Though the differences may appear confusing at first, when each one claims to be the key to health, they all share certain guiding principles.

Whole Food, Whole Science

After reviewing the online debate regarding Dr. Campbell’s studies, I can only reach one conclusion: I’ve certainly stepped into a can of worms with my review of The China Study. A simple search is all it takes to find page after page of highly charged debate about Dr. Cambell’s methods, conclusions and personal character. It might have been smart, from the moment I found those worms wriggling around my ankles, to back quickly and quietly away and say no more about it.

Why do we serve fast food to students and hospital patients?

Growing up, my parents instilled in me a healthy skepticism of conventional medicine. They treated our illnesses with natural remedies, rest and nutritious food. Hospitals were good for fixing broken bones, but not much else. I rebelled from much of what my parents taught me, and might have rebelled from their antiestablishment view of medicine, if it hadn’t been for a defining moment in my education.

Have some ammonia with your beef? Maybe some E. coli too.

A few weeks ago there’s was another E coli outbreak, this time in beef treated with ammonia (it is treated with ammonia in an attempt to kill bacteria). [1] Anhydrous ammonia is the same chemical commonly found in floor cleaners, and can comprise up to 15% of many fast-food burgers, and in the ground beef that goes to the U.S. school lunch program.

More about Tasty Bite

On December 11, 2009 I blogged to share the great news, and to congratulate Tasty Bite, a delicious Indian, Thai and Pan-Asian ready to eat packaged food company, on their recent decision to discontinue the only flavor they had in their product line with animal products in it – a product that contained fish sauce. I mistakenly identified the discontinued product as containing beef, when in fact it actually contained fish sauce, not beef. I apologize for the error and any misunderstandings or wrong impressions it may have caused regarding this excellent company.

Pouring on the fat

On September 1st, 2009, I blogged about a New York City advertising campaign about "pouring on the fat", that likened drinking soda to drinking fat (i.e. body fat), that had a graphic and rather gross poster. A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a television commercial that was also run in the same campaign. Now this is really gross! It is not recommended viewing for the faint of heart, but please take a look anyway. After watching this if you drink soda you will likely drink less, and if you don't drink soda you can feel real good about that choice.

Tasty Bites Goes ALL VEGETARIAN!!!

We are real excited as Tasty Bite, a delicious Indian, Thai and Pan-Asian ready to eat packaged food company recently discontinued the only flavor they had with animal products in it – a product that contained fish sauce. We suggested they consider dropping it, they thought about it, and came back to us telling us that they had decided to drop it. Wow, great decision. They told us they and their team feel really good about this. No wonder Tasty Bite made the list of best companies to work for in India.