Customer Testimonials

Since 1977, Down to Earth has been helping Hawaii residents improve their health through fresh, local, organic & natural products and a vegetarian lifestyle. In their testimonials below, customers explain how products we sell have helped them. Take a look! Perhaps you will find a nugget of information that will benefit you in your own life.

BioKleen Liquid Laundry Soap

Photo: Nancy Newman

Besides all the great produce, nuts, seeds, prepared foods, and all the other wonderful items at Down to Earth I've enjoyed in the 20+ years I've been on Maui, the newest products I've started using are the BioKleen Liquid Laundry Soap and Powdere

Down to Earth Juices So Ono!

Photo: Boy with a Smoothie

Damien loves Down To Earth because their raw juices are the so ono!!!!

On the Road to Veganism

Photo: Family on the Beach in Hawaii

Our young family of five is on the road to veganism. We are trying hard to eat what is right! Our local store expanding is the best news! PONO!

Down to Earth Maui: Gracious Staff

Photo: Down to Earth Customer

When I walk in to your store, I immediately feel that I am part of the family. The staff is always gracious and helpful. It makes the shopping experience much more enjoyable. Thank you, Maui Down to Earth Employees!

Down to Earth Maui: Fine Quality Health Foods & Supplements

Photo: Down to Earth Customer

I have shopped at down to earth on Maui since the late 1970s because they consistently have fine quality health foods and supplements. yes i am a fan and appreciate this store.

Down to Earth: "Like Coming Home"

Photo: Mieko Hoffman

"I love Down to Earth Kahului because you guys are making awesome changes!!! Whole Foods is convenience for meat eaters. However, Every time I come to your store, I feel like coming back HOME. That's why I love Down to Earth.

Down to Earth's Commitment to Organic

My senior project has come to a close and I just want to thank you for agreeing to be my mentor my school project. I appreciate you welcoming me to your cooking classes.

Gluten-Free Support System!

I've been wanting to e-mail you folks to let you know how much I enjoyed your "Gluten-Free" Workshop here in Kapolei, as well as the Nutrition Seminar organized by my son's doctor, Kathryn Taketa-Wong.

GMO Labeling Advocacy

Photo: Karen S.

"Thank you Mark Fergusson for your advocacy against GMOs and your testimony today! I am glad you are going to mandate labeling.

Real Food Without Chemicals

I just moved to Kihei from Los Angeles and originally I am from Estonia.