For over 35 years, Down to Earth has been helping Hawaii residents improve their health through fresh, local, organic & natural products and a vegetarian lifestyle. In their testimonials below, customers explain how products we sell have helped them. Take a look! Perhaps you will find a nugget of information that will benefit you in your own life. 

Down to Earth's Commitment to Organic

My senior project has come to a close and I just want to thank you for agreeing to be my mentor my school project. I appreciate you welcoming me to your cooking classes. They’ve made me realize how easily I can incorporate some healthy meals into my diet. Before starting this project I put little to no thought into what I was eating, but at the conclusion of it, it had opened my eyes into how bad my diet was. I may not convert into the organic lifestyle but I have definitely made a conscious effort into eating more healthy meals.

Down to Earth: "Like Coming Home"

Photo: Mieko Hoffman

"I love Down to Earth Kahului because you guys are making awesome changes!!! Whole Foods is convenience for meat eaters. However, Every time I come to your store, I feel like coming back HOME. That's why I love Down to Earth. Thank you for making changes in store and price on items!"  ~ Mieko H.

Family Goes 100% Vegan!

Photo: Down to Earth Customer

“Earlier this year, my wife and 7 kids made a re-commitment to eating healthy again. With the help of Down to Earth, we were able to gradually eat more organic & natural foods. Then later, when our whole family decided to go 100% Vegan, shopping at Down To Earth became a daily routine. At the Kapolei store, they know our whole family! The staff makes our experience that much more pleasurable. Great company, great mission!”

Gluten-Free Support System!

I've been wanting to e-mail you folks to let you know how much I enjoyed your "Gluten-Free" Workshop here in Kapolei, as well as the Nutrition Seminar organized by my son's doctor, Kathryn Taketa-Wong. As a single-parent just beginning this journey . . . I can't tell you how invaluable the info I've been introduced to has meant to me. As you can I imagine, I was completely OVERWHELMED by the dietary program I was given just a few months ago by my son's doctor.

GMO Labeling Advocacy

Photo: Karen S.

"Thank you Mark Fergusson for your advocacy against GMOs and your testimony today! I am glad you are going to mandate labeling. I have shopped at DTE for 10+ years and I will continue to because you care and you protect consumers rights to know what we are eating. I have started to screen all my food for GMO more than ever and am glad I have choices at DTE."  ~ Karen S., Kanu Hawaii 

Great Cashiers, Fun Social Media Presence

Photo: Lisa S. with a Team Member

Look who won the Grand Prize in @downtoearthhi's FB guessing game!! That $50 gift card turned into a celebration meal for my son and friends on their last day of classes at UH (right up the street). They happily fed their brains with all that healthy deliciousness just in time for finals next week!! Oh and that's Veronica - I'm in there every week and she does such a great job of serving me - she was just as excited as I was!

Great Local Store

Photo: Scott Cooney

“Down to Earth is a great, locally owned store with a high level of integrity and community involvement...helping make Hawaii a better place seems to be part of the business model. I shop at Down To Earth at least once a week and find great bargains with on-sale items, which also encourages me to try new things all the time. In addition, I'm so incredibly impressed with the outreach the store does to help educate the market about health choices and healthy foods.

MSM Helps Joint Pain

Photo: Jane T.

"Being an avid golfer for many years, combined with the effects of aging, all started to take a toll on my joints. I would be fine sitting for a while, but then I found getting up was becoming harder and harder. I used to joke with my kids that ‘I’m fine, it just takes my body a while to get moving again!’ But the joint pain was becoming increasingly debilitating. I don’t like going to doctors unless I absolutely have to, so I went to Down to Earth to see if they could suggest anything for the pain. The woman in the wellness area informed me about MSM.

On the Road to Veganism

Photo: Family on the Beach in Hawaii

Our young family of five is on the road to veganism. We are trying hard to eat what is right! Our local store expanding is the best news! PONO!

Real Food Without Chemicals

I just moved to Kihei from Los Angeles and originally I am from Estonia. Since I grew up eating "organic" food (we ate our own crops-tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, herbs, etc.), I always remember the taste of REAL and PURE food without chemicals, preservatives in it... That is one of the reasons I like to visit your store. I can buy REAL food. Thank you for providing a lot of comfort for a newcomer by offering great food items and an excellent service! ~ Kristel K.