For over 35 years, Down to Earth has been helping Hawaii residents improve their health through fresh, local, organic & natural products and a vegetarian lifestyle. In their testimonials below, customers explain how products we sell have helped them. Take a look! Perhaps you will find a nugget of information that will benefit you in your own life. 

The Healthiest Ingredients

Photo: Patty Jean

“I am allergic to eggs. I love how all of the products at Down to Earth do not contain any eggs. It makes it so easy and quick for me to shop there verses other stores because I no longer have to stop and read all of the ingredients on the products that I am purchasing. I have always hated grocery shopping but shopping at Down to Earth, I now love it. Plus knowing that everything that I purchase there will be made out of the healthiest ingredients because they research everything before putting it on their shelves. This also gives me peace of mind.