Can You be Heavy and Healthy at the Same Time?

You may have heard the term “healthy obesity” to describe people who are obese but don’t have medical conditions that often accompany obesity.

Start Spring by Kicking the Meat Habit

What marks the start of spring for you? In New England when I was young, it was daffodils poking through the mud.

Holiday Cooking: Trending a Healthier Tradition

There’s no question that eating more fruits and vegetables is good for you. We are beginning to look for ways to include them in our diet as evidence supports the importance of plant foods in wellness and disease prevention.

Local, Fresh, Seasonal – Healthy Holiday Feasting for Everyone

Let’s face it: the holiday season is focused around food. We are not just talking about eating food – but feasting on rich, sumptuous holiday dishes, sweets, and beverages. We all look forward to it around this time of year.

Non-GMO Products on SALE – Celebrating your right to know!

Down to Earth is celebrating Non-GMO Month by putting a wide variety of non-GMO products on sale from Thursday, October 10th through Wednesday, November 13th.

Kaiser Permanente Urges Physicians to Recommend Plant-Based Diets

The importance of a plant-based diet as a central component of preventative health is gaining increasing momentum in the field of medicine.

Summer Health Basics

Here in Hawai’i, the sun is a constant companion. But during summer months, when the sun is at its height, it’s good to brush up on strategies to protect yourself and respect the power of the sun.

Organic Food is Family Food

Organic food's image during the past century has undergone numerous makeovers in the public eye. What started as hippie food and became gourmet food is now returning to its roots as family food.

Make This Earth Day Organic and Natural & Shop for the 'Aina!

Picture: Organic Carrots

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd but at Down to Earth we like to celebrate all month long!

Local, Fresh, Organic & Natural: Four Guiding Principles for Healthy Food

Photo: Taro Farm

At Down to Earth, our first priority is to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of our customers and our environment.