Healthy Thanksgiving Made Easy

Photo: Baked Cauliflower and Squash

We all love the traditional dishes served at Thanksgiving, but they can be distressing if you’re trying to manage your weight or eat healthier.

GMO Awareness – Your Right to Know

Photo Illustration: Genetic Engineering

One of the most dangerous and least understood experiments with human health the world has ever known is currently underway without your consent—in your household and households across the nation, indeed throughout our entire planet.

Some of the Most Nutritious Veggies Are Local

Photo: Local Veggies

September is Local Food Month! Most of us know that locally grown vegetables are good for our health. But which vegetables are most nutritious?

Back to School with Healthy Sleep Habits

Photo: Boy Smiling in Bed

During the summer children often stay up later and sleep in longer.

Healthy Grilling and Summer BBQ

Photo: People Grilling at the Beach

Grilling and BBQs are synonymous with summer.  Enjoy this quick and easy guide to fun summer picnics with your health in mind:

Raw Foods 101 – Workshop on June 9th!

Photo: Fresh Salad with Greens

The benefits of raw food have gained increased attention from people across the nation over the few past decades.

Shop Organic Food on a Budget

Photo: Organic Fruits and Vegetables

If you're shopping on a budget, you can save money by knowing which foods you should buy organic. They're the ones that otherwise would be conventionally grown and have the highest levels of toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Espresso Bar Raffle!

Photo: Person Holding a Gift Basket

The Raffle has ended. Congratulations to our gift basket winner! Thanks to everyone who participated! Next time you're in our Kailua store, don't forget to try one of the awesome drinks from our new organic espresso bar.

Down to Earth Fundraiser Supports Sustainability Charter School

Photo: Students Examine Seedlings in a Raised Farm Bed

Earth Day is one of our favorite times of year as it gives us an opportunity to celebrate our passion and appreciation for the ‘aina (earth, land).

Buying Local Builds Community

Photo: Vendors at Down to Earth Night Market

So many people talk about buying local as if it's something new.  We've been buying local ever since we started in Wailuku on Maui over 35 years ago.  It's not something special or new that we're doing.  It's something we've always done.  It's wha