"Aloha for Our Neighbors" Hawaii Foodbank Food Drive

Graphic: Aloha for Our Neighbors Hawaii Foodbank Drive

Down to Earth Organic & Natural will host an “Aloha for Our Neighbors” Hawaii Foodbank Drive from Friday, June 12, 2020 to Friday, June 19th, 2020 at its Pearlridge location at 98-211 Pali Momi Street in Aiea.

To help show support for our neighbors, Down to Earth will match all donations (for a limited time) made during the “Aloha for Our Neighbors” Food Drive. Down to Earth will also arrange for all donations to be delivered to the Hawaii Foodbank.


  1. Visit the Down to Earth Pearlridge Online Shop.
  2. Please look for the Hawaii Foodbank logo or search for "Hawaii Foodbank" to see the items most needed by the Hawaii Foodbank.
  3. We recommend purchasing donations separately from your regular online order to avoid confusion.
  4. A $10 minimum is needed for online orders.
  5. When you've finished ordering your donations and are ready for check out, please select "Pick-Up" or "I'll Pick It Up" and select the soonest date/time.
  6. After that, pay as you normally would and you're pau! Our Pearlridge team and the Hawaii Foodbank will take it from there.

Since March 25, 2020, Hawaii Foodbank has experienced a 30 percent increase in need – and that number continues to rise. On Oahu, the Hawaii Foodbank regularly distributes nearly one million pounds of food every month. With the added circumstances of COVID-19, they distributed more than 1.4 million pounds in March alone.

Many of the organizations that typically donate large volumes of food shut down. Restaurants and hotels closed across Hawaii, and some grocery stores, which ordinarily share unsold inventory that is approaching its best-by date, have little to donate because their shelves are bare, and are just now recovering as our state begins to reopen. Our unemployment rate is over 22% and many people of Hawaii have gone for many months without paychecks.

Down to Earth Organic & Natural’s CEO Mark Fergusson shared, “We have seen our friends, family members and neighbors sitting in lines that are miles long for many hours for food donations out of desperation to provide for their loved ones. So many people in our state have been devastatingly impacted by COVID-19 and the closure of businesses, services, and our regular way of life. Our Down to Earth team wants to help provide healthy nourishing food that the Hawaii Foodbank can distribute.”

For more information, please contact us at (808) 947-3249 or customerservice@downtoearth.org