This Earth Day, Down to Earth will begin installing its new “HowGood” product price tag system in all our stores.  It provides an easy way for you to see whether a product is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.  You’ll be able to make a quick, informed buying decision right in the grocery aisle!

How does it work?

The HowGood system condenses extensive research into a simple rating that will be part of the price on the product shelf tag.  It will show “how good” the product rates for the environment, society, and the world: Good (better than 75% of all food produced in the U.S.), Great (better than 85%), and Best (Top 5%)!

The new shelf tags will show the price, the HowGood rating, and other product attributes such as Organic, Local, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, etc.:

Photo: How Good Sustainability Price Tag

How is the rating determined?

HowGood uses over 60 indicators to cover ingredients and practices, including the origin and production of ingredients, corporate governance, and issues such as carbon emissions, hazardous waste, and the treatment of workers. Over 100,000 products have been rated to date.

What if an item doesn’t have a HowGood logo on the shelf tag?

If an item hasn’t been rated or if its rating is below average, the How Good logo will not appear.

Is there an app?

Yes! The HowGood app (from the App Store or Google Play) can be used to scan barcodes for ratings and access to the database of over 100,000 products.

Where can customers get more information?

Customers can learn more from our HowGood brochure, which will be available from cashiers later this month, and by visiting

About HowGood

Founded in 2007, HowGood is an established research organization based in New York, which has developed its own rating system to identify the leaders in the food industry. It licenses that data to smaller grocers in 21 states across the U.S., as well as other food and tech companies.

That system today includes over 60 benchmark indicators of a company’s behavior, ranging from the ingredients to the manufacturing process to the way workers are treated. HowGood looks at nearly every factor that goes into a food’s production, even things most consumers don’t think about when dropping items into their shopping cart – like carbon emissions or concerns around hazardous waste.

We hope you’ll find HowGood to be a useful tool that helps you buy smarter every day!