Photo: Jane T.

"Being an avid golfer for many years, combined with the effects of aging, all started to take a toll on my joints. I would be fine sitting for a while, but then I found getting up was becoming harder and harder. I used to joke with my kids that ‘I’m fine, it just takes my body a while to get moving again!’ But the joint pain was becoming increasingly debilitating. I don’t like going to doctors unless I absolutely have to, so I went to Down to Earth to see if they could suggest anything for the pain. The woman in the wellness area informed me about MSM. The bottle said it “supports joint functions by donating sulfur for maintenance of healthy connective tissue.” My daughter had also suggested this, so I figured, what harm could it do? After taking this for several months, I have definitely noticed a difference in my ability to move around more easily. And the pain is practically gone. Normally, I do not like surprises, but in this case, I was pleasantly surprised!" ~Jane T.