Down to Earth Named Top 10 “Right-to-Know Grocer”

Down to Earth

Our GMO Labeling Efforts Are Among Best in Southwest Region, Says Organic Consumers Association.

Down to Earth was named among the Top 10 “Right-to-Know Grocers” in the Southwest Region by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). Nominations were submitted by customers and friends of Down to Earth. Thanks to all who helped to support us in this campaign!

“Currently, people don’t have a choice," says Mark Fergusson, Down to Earth Chief Organic Officer (CEO/CFO). "They don’t know whether what they are buying is GMO. So, it’s really a right-to-know issue and also a freedom-of-choice issue. Down to Earth and the Organic industry feel that GMO agriculture is totally moving in the wrong direction. We shouldn’t be putting more and more poisons on the land and genetically modifying crops. We should be growing organically and sustainably.”

“We’re honored by OCA’s recognition of our call to label foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and our efforts to educate the community about the right to know,” said Mark Fergusson, Down to Earth Chief Organic Officer (CEO/CFO). Ronnie Cummins, OCA National Director, noted that “As demand grows for organic and locally grown non-GMO foods and truth in labeling, hundreds of food retailers are rising to the occasion. The OCA recognizes the efforts stores like Down to Earth are making.” Down to Earth proactively advocates GMO labeling through a wide variety of efforts. Mark Fergusson, Down to Earth Chief Organic Officer (CEO/CFO), regularly:

  • Submits written and in-person testimony at the legislature in support of GMO labeling
  • Speaks at community educational panel discussions on Oahu and Maui in support of GMO labeling
  • Represents the consumer's right to know on TV and radio shows such as the GMO debates earlier this year on PBS TV "Insight," KGU-AM with Jeff Davis "The Solar Guy," and Hawaii Public Radio's news with Molly Solomon, among others.

Trisha "Mama T" Gonsalves, Down to Earth Community Coordinator, advocates for GMO labeling through legislative testimony and community presentations. She represents Down to Earth on the organizing committee of Label It Hawaii (LIH), a grass roots community organization dedicated to promoting GMO labeling. Down to Earth is an LIH founding member. Down to Earth also provides GMO education online via our website and Facebook:

The OCA also recognized Down to Earth for its efforts in encouraging food manufacturers to transition from GMO to non-GMO ingredients, for our commitment to eliminate all foods containing GMOs from our store and to not add any new GMO foods. Down to Earth will require GMO labeling by 2018 for all products in its stores containing GMO ingredients.