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Getting down to "Earth" business

Star Advertiser

by Klye Galdeira

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What started in 1977 as an unconventional concept put forth by a group of friends in Wailuku, Maui -- to offer healthy food with the goal of improving the overall well-being of society -- has lead to a productive, sustainable business model that is still well-received both locally and nationally to this day.

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Opponents of campaign to require GMO labels raise $12 million

Los Angeles Times

Opponents of GMO labeling initiative flex financial muscle By Marc Lifsher, Los Angeles Times SACRAMENTO, Calif. » Major biotech companies and manufacturers of household food products, including Campbell Soup, General Mills and Coca-Cola, have pumped almost $12 million into the campaign to defeat Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative to require labels for genetically engineered crops and processed food products.

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Vegetarian Olympians Win Medals!

by Down to Earth

Among the wide variety of reasons to adopt a plant-based diet, would you be surprised to learn that some athletes adopt it on their way to Olympic gold? Perhaps no one knows the importance of food more than an athlete. Researching and following a strict diet is an integral part of the intense preparation athletes go through on their way to the Olympics. To compete, Olympic athletes have to be at the top of their game, so it’s interesting to note that many Olympians are choosing a plant-based diet.

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Down to Earth 35th Anniversary


Down to Earth All Vegetarian and Natural food store celebrated its 35th anniversary earlier this year with 35 percent discounts on its best selling items, cooking classes, wellness lectures, raw food demos and gift basket raffles at its five locations: Honolulu, Kailua, Pearlridge, Kapolei and Kahului.

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Roads to health and wellness change to match new lifestyles

Pacific Business News

by Casey Tong

(July 27, 2012) --The health-and-wellness industry has evolved to keep pace with changing concepts of how physical fitness and healthy diets can lead to fuller, more satisfying lives....

Mark Fergusson, CEO and "chief vegetarian officer" for Down to Earth for 20 year, said his company has grown "to support individuals taking care of their own health."

While conventional food stores will "sell anything that will make a profit, we're selling foods that are good for people," he said.

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Showman Wins $350 Down to Earth 35th Anniversary Drawing!

by Down to Earth

Honolulu, HI (July 13th, 2012) – Congratulations to Angelique Showman on winning the $350 gift card drawing in honor of Down to Earth's 35th anniversary. The drawing was held at the end of May as part of our “35th Anniversary Day Sale - 35% off 35 of our best-selling items." To enter the drawing, people simply "liked" us on Facebook.

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Down to Earth: Happy 35th Anniversary! KGMB 5-25-12


Down to Earth: Happy 35th Anniversary! KGMB 5-25-12


Howard Dicus (KGMB-9) interviews Down to Earth's "CEO & Chief Organic Officer," Mark Fergusson, on the occasion of Down to Earth's 35th Anniversary celebration Sale Day.

Visit http://www.downtoearth.org to learn more about Down to Earth.

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Mark Fergusson Joins Board of Hawaii Organic Farmers Association (HOFA)

by Down to Earth

Mark Fergusson, Down to Earth's Chief Organic Officer (CEO/CFO), has joined the board of the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association (HOFA). HOFA is a non-profit organization that provides education about organic farming and sustainability in Hawaii. As the new spokesperson for HOFA, Mark offers the following thoughts about the importance of organic farming.

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Hawaii should require labeling of GMO foods

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

by Label It Hawaii members including Mark Fergusson, Down to Earth Chief Vegetarian Officer (CEO/CVO)

(April 22, 2012) -- As Americans, we value the basic right to choose from a wide variety of foods in the marketplace, to make informed choices as to what we feed ourselves and our families.

Presently this right is being denied to the more than 90 percent of Americans who want to know if a food contains genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Why? Because our government does not require these products to be labeled.

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35th Anniversary Much to Celebrate!

by Down to Earth

Honolulu, HI (May 8th, 2012) – When a group of friends in Wailuku, Maui decided in 1977 that they wanted to help improve the health of Hawaii residents through organic and natural products and a vegetarian lifestyle, no one could have predicted their success. Considered unconventional at the time, their vision of a healthy lifestyle is now a part of the American mainstream.