4 Tips for Healthy and Happy Holidays

Photo: Family walking on the beach

Holiday weight gain doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of the season. Follow these 4 tips for a healthy and happy holiday.

  1. Snack Smart- The snack table at work can be difficult to avoid, especially around the holidays. The treats have a tendency to stack-up and it seems like co-workers are always offering treats. Keep some healthy snacks at your desk so that you aren’t as tempted to peruse the snack table. Stick with your healthy holiday goals by knowing that it is OK to politely and kindly say “no thank you” to treats being offered.
  2. Get Moving- Time spent with family and friends doesn’t have to be time spent sitting. Enjoy a walk with family or some time at the park playing games with the ones you love. You will burn calories and release stress with fresh air and physical activity.
  3. Bring a Healthy Dish to Share- If you bring a healthy dish to parties, you know you will have one option in line with your healthy eating goals. Secondly, other guests appreciate having a healthy option as well. Even simple to prepare items like vegetables and dip or a bowl of mixed fruit are enjoyed by guests.
  4. Focus on Your Favorites- It can be tempting to try everything on the table at holiday parties. Take a moment to be mindful with your choices and look at all of the food items available. Pick a few of your absolute favorites to savor and skip the dishes that aren’t exciting to you.

Don’t abandon your healthy eating habits if you slip up and overindulge, simply move on and make healthier choices the next time you eat.

Holiday weight gain doesn’t have to be part of the season. Keep those holiday pounds away by being aware of your eating habits and have a strategy for holiday parties.