Cleaning Out Your Pantry – The Healthy Way

by Tracy Ternes

To help you move toward a healthier, more vegetarian diet this year, here is some information to make the process easier. Start from the source of your family’s food supply – the pantry and the fridge! It’s much easier to resist unwanted foods when you can open your pantry without seeing a box of cookies and a bag of greasy potato chips staring back at you, begging to be eaten. One of the most effective things you can do to cultivate better nutrition is to stock your kitchen with all the building blocks of a healthy diet.

Aspartame: The Potential Risk Lurking In Your Cabinets

by Sarah Chandley

In the 1980s, a product called aspartame revolutionized the dieting industry. It was a calorie free sweetener that appeared to be the perfect solution to a dieter’s sugar cravings. Diabetics were encouraged to use it as studies showed that it did not raise blood sugar levels. Aspartame was marketed under the name NutraSweet and has since become widely used in low-calorie soft drinks, candies, and foods, but is this artificial sweetener really so harmless?